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Special Days for Grandparents and Pastors

As a way to bring together families and build community, LCA has Grandparents Day each year in October.  Children have an opportunity to show their appreciation and love toward their grandparents (or other special older adult friends), and grandparents feel valued as their role is validated.  This event creates an enjoyable memory for both students and grandparents. It strengthens inter-generational relationships that are so important.  As it fosters community relations, it also can boost family involvement in schools. Children whose families – parents and grandparents – are involved in their education learn better. Schools get much-needed additional support.  It is one of our students’ favorite days of the year as we plan special presentations, have visits in the classrooms and eat lunch together. 

Similarly we have Pastors Day, held each March to honor them with many of the same benefits.  Each student has the opportunity to invite their pastor to attend this morning event.  Pastors attend chapel with the students, visit the classrooms and enjoy lunch together.  Our head of school updates the pastors on what is happening at LCA and how the churches can be involved in the school.