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Legacy 2021

Legacy 2021

May 5, 2021

Lehigh Christian Academy invites all parents, grandparents and relatives to our May 5th gala fundraiser.
Mark your calendars today!

  •  We have reduced the cost so that more can enjoy a great evening of fellowship!  Come and hear about the success of LCA this past year and what the future holds for our School!
  •  This year we are privileged to have one of America’s most dynamic and captivating speakers, Damon Friedman, Ph.D. a recipient of the Spirit of Hope Award. 
  • During the evening, learn how you can: “Become a World Changer!” 

  • Friedman's service to the U.S. in both the Marines and Air Force echoes valor and heroism.   While a true hero, Damon understands the workings of the Lord through humility and grace.  In fact, he has taken wisdom gained from the battlefield into helping our veterans battling the deep scars of war.   

  • He now applies the same wisdom to empower others in their walk of life to identify their purpose and grasp resiliency in the wake of hard challenges, while staying humble so as to embrace servant leadership as advocates of Jesus Christ.

Come and learn how to "Become a World Changer" wherever you are in your personal or professional journey.  Be motivated and touched to fulfill God’s purposes for YOU! 

Any questions, call Mr. John Moser, Development, 610-776-7301 Ext 264

See you at Legacy 2021!